1. To organise Construction workers involved in all kinds of construction activities.
  2. To regulate the relations between the members of union and employers.
  3. To render help to the members by constitutions.
  4. It shall unite and support the workers organizations in the pursuit of workers rights in general.
  5. To endeavour to redress their grievances.
  6. To provide relief to the members against sickness, old age, unemployment and death.
  7. To organise medical relief, Maternity and Child welfare and promote ideals of health and better living.
  8. To endeavour to settle disputes between the members and their employers.
  9. To secure various governmental benefits to the members.
  10. To promote opportunities for educational and cultural development of members and their leisure by organizing and conducting schools, reading rooms, library, publication, recreation, sports, cultural programmes, entertainment etc.
  11. To promote civic and political interests of members.
  12. To co-operate and federate with organisation of workers having similar object.
  13. To intervene with the concerned employer / state government / central government to get fair wages and need based minimum wages to the members irrespective of gender and category of employment as mentioned in the objectives.
  14. To ensure the following safety measures like head guards, nose guards (Air filters) Safety glasses, Hand Glouses, Leg boots, safety belts and scaffolding at the workspots.
  15. To ensure canteens, toilets, creaches, clean drinking water and first aid at the workspot.
  16. To ensure complete social security and labour welfare measures and job security to the members through representations to the government and the concerned employers.
  17. To encourage Labour Co-operatives, Housing and other co-operatives which will benefit the members.
  18. To create Gender sensitiveness among the members and provide fair representation to women members in all the positions.
  19. To promote skill up-gradations, education in safety aspects, adult education and technical trainings to the members.
  20. To ensure scholarship and free education to the children of the members from the government and other organisations.

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