Membership :

Every employee engaged in Construction activity as mentioned in detail in schedule II who has attained the age of 18 years and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the union and pay the prescribed monthly fee of Rupees one and admission fee of Rupees one shall be entitled to become a member.

Benefit and forfeiture:

No member of the union who is in arrears of his/her monthly subscription for a consecutive period of three months and above shall be entitled to any of the benefits assured by the objectives of the Union.

Any member of the Union entitled to any of the benefits conferred by the union under its objectives may make an application in writing to the General Secretary of the Union claiming such benefits. Provided the member fully adheres to the rules and regulations of the union, who shall forthwith place it before the executive committee which shall consider the application favourably or reject the same.

The Executive committee shall decide from time to time, depending on financial position, the benefits to be given to the members. A members shall be entitled to the benefit of the union, only if he/she has been a member for atleast six months and if he/she has paid his/her subscription to the union upto date.

Any office bearers or member of the union found working against the interest of the union may be removed from the union or otherwise penalized on a resolution to that effect, passed by the Executive committee meeting of the union held for the purpose, for which atleast one half of the members of the executive committee are present and atleast 60% of those present vote in favour of the resolution, provided that the member or the office bearer concerned is given adequate prior notice to reply to the action proposed to be taken against him / her.

If a member goes on strike without approval and permission of the Executive committee of the union, he/she shall not be entitled to any benefit from the union from the date on which he/she has struck work. This is in addition to any other penalty which may be imposed on him/her under the rules of the union.

No member of the Union shall strike without the permission and specific direction of the Executive Committee of the Union and any member contravenes this rule shall be subject to such disciplinary action as may be decided by the Executive committee.

The Executive committee of the Union alone shall have the power to call for the conduct of a strike and such action shall be taken by the executive committee only after exploring all other possible avenues for the settlement of disputes between the union and the undertaking in which the members are employed. In accordance with the provisions made and procedure laid down by the Indian Trade union act 1926 the Industrial Disputes Act, and such other laws as may be framed by the Government from time to time and in particular no strike shall be called upon unless majority of the members of the concerned union have declared themselves in favour of the strike. A strike may be called off at a meeting of the General body by a simple majority vote.

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