COM.N.P.Samy :

Com. N.P. Samy started his career in Bangalore in the year 1978 by organising and addressing the issues of the Urban Poor Communities who were leading a miserable life without any means of proper shelter, basic amenities, work related protection safety etc, and in the process the construction workers who were in a majority in the slums had to face severe hardship in their work and were often exposed to accidents , denial of wages, inhuman treatment, denied of basic working conditions , safety etc, and were exploited continuously by the employer and the society.

Hence it became inevitable for him to remain a silent spectator to theirs sufferings and had to address their issues. Thus he started organising Construction workers and later on it was extended at the state level and a union was formed and registered in the year 1980 under Trade Union Act 1926 in Karnataka. Throughout these years he tirelessly addressed their issues and fought for their rights. He shared and worked with a galaxy of leaders, experts, Bureaucrats, etc in drafting a comprehensive legislation for the construction workers under the leadership of justice V. Krishna Iyer.

To network at the national level an all India level convention of Construction labour was organised on 14th December 1991 in Bangalore and formed a national federation “National Federation of Construction Labour” (NFCL) and he was elected as president.

To address the issues of the toiling masses in the Unorganised sector where in more than 93% of the Indian workforce are involved, who are deprived of Social Security , Protection and Safety and who contribute more than 65% to the GDP being neglected in total by the successive Governments both at the Centre and at the State levels.

An initiative was taken to network among all the Trade unions and Organisation working among unorganised sector workers in the country. In the year 1995 National Centre for Labour was formed in which more than a Lakh of Unorganised workers from all over India and Leaders representatives participated. Continuous struggle under the leadership of N.P. Samy in the state for more than 11 years resulted in the framing of rules to the central act of construction labour and after that the Welfare Board was established in Karnataka. His rich contribution to the sector was recognized by the Government and he was nominated as one of the Board Member. His active participation in the board meetings helped in the enhancement of benefits and also in evolving new benefits to the workers.

His tireless and continuous efforts for a separate Legislation to the unorganised workers in the country by exerting pressure on the Union Government resulted in the enactment of “The Unorganised workers social Security Act2008”.

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