Our Union :

Karnataka State Construction Workers Central Union(KSCWCU) is an independent trade union formed in the year 1980 and registered under the Trade Union Act in the year 1982 in Karnataka, is working for the cause of construction workers in the state of Karnataka for the past 29 years. KSCWCU has a membership of more than 64,000 in the state of Karnataka. KSCWCU is the constituent member of National Centre for Labour(NCL).

KSCWCU played a pivotal role in influencing policy changes for the construction sector and the unorganised sector in general. In the year 1996, a convention was held on urban poor and unorganised workers in Cubbon park, Bangalore. A massive crowd of more than a lakh comprising of urban poor and unorganised workers including construction workers participated from all districts including Bangalore. Shri H.D Devegowda, Then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka attended the convention. During the convention, KSCWCU demanded to enact a law for the construction workers in the state and to support the passage of the pending Bill of construction workers in Parliament. The Hon’ble Chief Minister promised that the law for protecting construction workers will be enacted soon. During the same period, when the United Front Government came to power in the centre, Shri H.D. Devegowda, became the Prime Minister. As a prime minister, he fulfilled his promise by enacting ‘The Building and Other Construction Workers(Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act 1996.

KSCWCU is involved in resolving wage disputes between the construction workers-contractors and building contractors. The absence of written agreement/contract between the building owners and contractors resulted in stoppage of work due to non-payment of amount by the building owners. In the event of accidents in the construction sites, KSCWCU exerted pressure on the building owner/ contractor to pay the compensation as per the ‘Workmen Compensation Act’.

The Karnataka Government failed to frame the state rules even after ten years. KSCWCU spearheaded a series of struggles exerting pressurize on the State Government to ‘Frame State Rules’ to the Central Act.The state government on 1st November2006 framed Rules to the Act and constituted the ‘Karnataka State Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board’ on January 18th 2007.

Hon’ble Labour Minister, Govt. of Karnataka is the chairperson of the Board. The members of the Board comprise of representatives of employers, workers and Government. Shri. N.P. Samy, President, KSCWCU is the nominated member and one among the four members to represent the lakhs of construction workers in the State.

KSCWCU keeps on exerting pressure at regular intervals on the welfare board to enhance the quantum of benefits

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